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Regular car maintenance keeps your engine running smoothly, cutting fuel costs and minimising the need for future repairs. Ensure your beloved vehicle is in roadworthy condition with Craig Olive's Supa Auto Services.
We have been specialists in our field for more than 30 years and know all the best tricks for keeping your car in excellent shape:
Check engine oil level regularly
Engines need lubrication to guard against friction and overheating. Keep an eye on oil levels between the maximum and minimum markers, topping up between services if necessary. Low oil levels indicate leaks or excessive lubricant consumption. Contact Supa Auto Services

Check Water level
Check water levels regularly in both the radiator and the reservoir bottle. Any water lose, should be attended to ASAP. Contact Supa Auto Services

Battery check
A battery can make you late for work, an appointment, an outing or hold you up getting home. If your vehicle seems lazy to start, act on this ASAP. Contact Supa Auto Services

Check air pressure of tyres
Over or under inflation of your vehicle’s tyres can cause uneven wear, this will shorten the life of your tyres. Check air pressure regularly. If your unsure? Contact Supa Auto Services

Listen to your car
You know your vehicle, you drive it every day. If you feel it doesn’t start the same, if you hear knocks, rattles or grinding noises etc these are warning signs! Bring your car in for an inspection, stop a small problem becoming an expensive one. Contact Supa Auto Services

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Is your car difficult to steer, sensitive to bumps, or noisy to run? Read through some of our frequently asked questions below.
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Q. Why does my temperature gauge rise when I'm sitting in traffic?
A. Your car's cooling system probably needs a check-up. Well maintained engines shouldn't overheat in normal circumstances, even when stopped for emergencies or heavy traffic. You may have a clogged radiator core, faulty fan, or engine coolant leak. Book an appointment to have your system checked today.
Q. Can you do repairs outside scheduled servicing, without voiding my warranty?
Q. My car is running fine. Why do I need to bring it in for scheduled maintenance?
Q. Why do I have to press so hard on the brakes to stop my car?
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